Six Tips For Entertaining Outdoors


Tend to the Yard
Make sure your yard clean and in order. Mow the lawn, clean up tools clippings and anything else that you don’t need there.

Clean Up Inside
Remember that your guests are generally not only restricted to the outside. Make sure your home’s entry way, kitchen and bathrooms are clean and set up to accommodate your guests.

Prepare Enough Seating
Make sure there is no shortage of seating options for your guests. If you run out of chairs, spread blankets on the grass.

Keep the Table Space Open and Organized
It’s common during these events to have the table tops cluttered with napkins, utensils, condiments and other things provided for your guests dining. One way to keep the table clean and organized is by using the Caddy Patio™ to better organize your table’s surface.

Select the Right Music
The right music can really add to the experience. Put some thought in to this and select the music that’s perfect for your event. Also be aware of the volume. Most people like to be able to talk amounts themselves without having to strain their voices.

Consider Outdoor Lighting
It’s very likely that even if your event is in the afternoon, you should still be prepared in case things go a little longer than planned. Make sure you’ve got the right lighting to create a special atmosphere.

These are just a few things you can prepare in advance so that you and your guests have a better experience. What are some other things you can think of?