caddy-patio3The Caddy Patio™ is 11.5” round and 5.5” tall. Made of durable Styrofoam material, but looks like an expensive decorative container. The less you have on your patio table is better while you read, snack or just entertain outside, the caddy is there to keep things organized and neat.
The Caddy has a patent pending mechanism that holds the caddy above the table. Three rubber cams are used to hold the caddy 6-8” above the table to keep items organized. Other items that it can hold are silverware, bag of chips, napkins, pencils, pens, small tools or anything that’s reasonable and light weight. Do not use as a bowl for food, just use as a container.

The Caddy Patio™ is made of a durable and strengthened Styrofoam that’s been pressurized and coated with an acrylic paint for added strength. Painted in a new decorative gray color and trimmed in a terracotta red color inside and out. The Caddy is made using a patent pending rubber cam that allows the Caddy to stay above the table at all times. The Caddy is adjustable on the pole and will hold up to (15) lbs. It has a hard acrylic flat surface, durable for most family use. 

The Caddy Patio™ comes in two parts for easy assembly


The Caddy Patio™ is separated into two parts for easy assembly onto your umbrella pole. Designed and engineered to fit all umbrella poles. The Caddy has a center collar, 4.5”x3” that secures the three rubber cams that are needed so the caddy stays in place above the table.

Rubber Cam Setting
collar2collar1(3) Rubber cams are embedded into the caddies center collar to brace the caddy from sliding down. Made to hold up to 15 pounds. (Patent Pending)





caddy-patio5The Caddy Patio™ is designed with you in mind.

It’s the perfect way to organize for a fast paced family. Designed for today’s outdoor living. This product is safe to use and is guaranteed for up to 60 days after purchase.

Additional Information

The Caddy Patio™ is a great addition to your outdoor living for practical accessories. Made of a durable Styrofoam material, painted in a clear coated finish. The Caddy is made to be used as a hanging container on your umbrella pole with enough room to hold silverware, napkins, small tools, crayons, small toys for children or bags of chips, candy and cookies, anything that’s reasonable and light weight to keep off the patio table.

The Caddy can also be used to hold silk plants or living air ferns to dress up your patio. Be creative in your outdoor design and have fun. The Caddy Patio™ is a perfect add-on to your patio table and will last for years. There are multi usage applications and you can add 2 or more caddies for additional designs.